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field of artificial turf carpetfield of artificial turf carpetThe use of artificial turf is becoming more widespread day by day. Moreover, not only in carpet fields, sports fields, or training grounds but also in our home gardens, children’s playgrounds, or walkways… But why? There are many reasons why artificial grass Costco is so popular, but the most important is that artificial grass Costco is much more economical than natural grass during both installation and maintenance. If you are an artificial turf lover, we have prepared very practical calculation tools for you. Here’s a guide to quickly learn artificial turf costs and see what extra costs you’ll face during the installation phase to make a final decision!

More and greater humans decide upon synthetic grass over herbal grass. Because modern artificial turf options are aesthetically pleasing, they are also a great choice for those with time and money constraints compared to real turf.

Factors Affecting The Cost of Artificial Grass

Size of The Area

Whether it is a carpeted field or a small garden, the most important factor that determines the cost of installing artificial turf is the square footage of the area where the artificial grass Costco will be installed. Because this number will also indicate how much material should be used during the installation of the artificial turf.

Let’s continue with the carpet field example. Depending on the size of the carpet field, commercial standards range from 800 square meters to 1500 square meters. The area of the pitch is actually the most decisive part of the cost. Because as the field expands, the number of products used and services offered increases. Although the cost per square meter decreases as the field grows, the most decisive factor is still quantity. For an average open carpet field, 3 truckloads of material are transported to the installation site. In indoor carpet fields, this quantity can attain up to six trucks. Therefore, you should keep in mind that there is a transportation effect that should not be ignored.

In this case, measure the garden you want to cover with artificial turf. When you multiply the width of the area by the length, you will have the square footage you need.

For example, if you measured 7.5 meters by 10 meters, your area is 75 square meters. Avengers artificial turf products typically consist of 4 meters wide, roll-shaped carpet. In this case, you need 2 artificial turf carpets of 10 meters each.

Topography of The Area

The topography of the area where the artificial turf will be installed is one of the main factors affecting the cost. Elimination of elements like height, obstacles, slopes, and hardness of soil on the ground means more work and higher labor costs. More labor and time will be required when trimming slopes or excavating floors, and higher slopes will require more sub-supporting material and increase the cost per square meter. All of these directly affect the cost of installing artificial turf. In other words, the flatter the area you install artificial turf, the more money and labor costs you will save.

Quality of The Artificial Grass Costco To Be Used

The quality of the artificial turf you will use is another important factor that affects the cost for both do-it-yourselfers and professionals. When it comes to artificial turf, the price depends on the weight of the artificial turf and the area of use. How sturdy or susceptible the synthetic turf appears additionally impacts its weight. Generally, the heavier the artificial grass Costco, the more expensive it is. Inexpensive artificial turf will not provide the desired appearance and effect in use and is not pre-approved for professional use.

Also, keep in mind that; Compared to natural grass, artificial turf is much cheaper in terms of maintenance costs. In indoor carpet fields, this quantity can attain up to six trucks. When installing artificial turf, the cost per square meter is quite low and if you consider that maintenance and irrigation costs will be reduced and even disappear later, you save a lot of money both in time and on water bills. will be able to…

Field of artificial turf carpet

Let’s explain a few examples. If the field of artificial turf carpet is the subject, the quality of the artificial turf used is very important. There are dozens of types and standards, from FIFA standards to the most economical carpets. Also, the amount of filling material used for artificial turf carpets affects the price. FIFA awards the FIFA 1 Star Quality Mark to artificial fields that provide the conditions required for amateur football, and the FIFA 2 Star Quality Mark to fields that provide the high standards required for professional football.

Many tests are performed on artificial turf ground to achieve these characteristics—the quality of artificial turf where these tests are performed and of course, the cost is high. But don’t worry! Avon Grass’ professional teams are always with you to offer you the most suitable artificial grass Costco at the best prices.

To use artificial turf for landscaping, the situation is no different. Artificial grass Costco you will use in your garden for many years, if you want to use a matte color it is best to avoid very cheap fake grass. Because synthetic grass products that don’t have UV protection may not retain their color and fade too quickly after the summer.

Avengrass’ extensive, high-quality, and UV-protected product range includes the most suitable synthetic grass for your garden and budget.

Let The Numbers Talk!

The basic materials you need in a typical artificial turf installation are the grass membrane, flooring material, shock absorbing layer, artificial grass Costco carpet, and filling material. We’ve created free calculation tools for you to figure out how many of these materials you need, each calculated in different ways. Just enter a few simple pieces of information to get the information you need. Keep in mind that you can always get a quote from the Avongrass support team for a price calculation.

Calculation of Weed Membrane

A herbaceous membrane is essential to prevent the formation of weeds and algae on the ground. At Avengers, we recommend that the grass membrane be laid twice. The first layer is on the lowest layer and the second is just before the artificial turf carpet.

Calculation of Base Materials

The artificial turf that will be installed should be leveled and covered with the base material in the ground. This base material can be sand, crushed granite, or gravel, depending on your preference. To maintain its structural stability, we recommend that this layer be approximately 5 cm.

Shock Absorbing Layer Calculation

A shock-absorbing layer is essential to eliminate or reduce fall injury to athletes in professional use cases. Since thicknesses and qualities vary from game to game, your calculations can now be quite variable.

Filling Material Calculation

The final step in installing artificial turf is the infill material. The filler material is essential to maintaining the performance of your artificial turf. Use our filler calculation tool to calculate how much filler you need.

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