artificial grass rugs

Fake grass can be used indoors or outdoors artificial grass rug. As a temporary event decoration, or for a permanent installation. This can be a design choice as much as it is about function!

Artificial Grass Rugs

So how do you make sense of the many different names that describe it, and where should you use them? With this guide, I can help you avoid the disappointment of buying artificial turf and discovering that it’s not what you expected after opening the box.

By the end, you’ll know how to recognize that what’s being described as “fake weed” is identical to what you want to buy.

What Does “Fake Grass” Actually Mean?

In the world of online shopping, the words and images that describe the product are all there to help you choose. And in case you are lucky, there is a video similar to the pictures.

Fake grass is a term that applies to many different products and applications.

The artificial turf sold by House Home & More is popular with many customers. Some may name it ‘faux grass’, however, we don’t. Mostly because it’s our most misunderstood product, and we don’t want to confuse you. Although some of our styles have unfinished edges, every turf product we carry is essentially a lightweight carpet. That’s why we call it artificial turf.

Artificial Turf VS Artificial Grass Rug

When many people think of artificial grass, the first thing that comes to mind is playgrounds. In fact, due to its low maintenance costs and visual appeal, artificial turf is widely used in residential, commercial, urban landscapes, etc., and is an excellent alternative to real grass. The use of artificial turf is not only growing but it is being used in all sorts of ways, often outdoors as well as indoors.

Artificial grass is a period that applies to many specific merchandise and applications. If you want to buy a grass-like carpet, you may ask: What is a fake grass carpet? A more common name is artificial grass carpet.

Artificial grass carpet is a product derived from artificial turf. There are many types of artificial grass carpets and many lawn products to choose from. It can be said that each of our turf products is essentially a lightweight carpet. For certain uses and needs, our synthetic turf carpets are made with flat wire edges, which are stiffer and smoother to make them more durable.

Artificial grass rugs can be DIY in a variety of sizes and shapes, and if you’re a creative and hands-on person, the ways you can use artificial grass are endless.

Outdoor Rugs that Look Like Grass

The products we manufacture use synthetic turf made from UV-protected plastic fibers on a flexible marine backing. It’s soft and comfortable to walk in, but it’s also thin and lightweight.

Remember, the artificial grass used in house homes and more products can’t compare to the artificial grass you can plant in your backyard for a permanent green landscape. You’ll find that our artificial turf is easy to assemble and store because all our artificial turf products use a flexible marine backing.

This also means that they are safe to get wet, even if you have a turf carpet next to your pool. The turf is made from all-weather polypropylene fibers, a mold, and mildew-resistant material, so the turf dries quickly in the air. The hose is easy to clean and spray! artificial grass rug. 

Depending on which product you purchase, there are two different artificial turf materials we use.

Spectrum series turf

Spectrum Series Turf is the most plush-feeling synthetic turf we offer with a 1/4-inch pile height. It’s made of more durable all-weather polypropylene, so you’ll feel like it’s a heavier material. With more individual fibers per square inch, this turf gives your patio or balcony a nice look.

You can get this Spectrum Series Turf from our products called Artificial Turf. But please make sure the product name you order contains “Spectrum Series”. Otherwise, you may have ordered Event Turf by mistake!

Event turf

The Event Turf is made of particularly lightweight all-weather polypropylene. Products made from this material are therefore best used for a single event or other light use such as picnic or camping artificial grass rugs. This event turf folds up for easy storage, or to throw in the back of your car for a picnic.

You can consider our outdoor turf rug as an alternative to a picnic blanket. It is also useful as a ground covering for event tents or other shade canopy-style tents. This product has scalloped edges, and holes are drilled in each corner so you can stake it down.

If you’re looking for a long, narrow piece of event turf with finished edges and grommets in the corners, perhaps to make way for an event, you’ll need a synthetic turf runner.


Artificial turf can easily add greenery to your garden or small yard. A creative, well-designed garden or outdoor space comes to life with the addition of a grass blanket. Artificial grass rugs are available in a whole lot of styles, colors, and DIY options, and you could use them to cowl your fixtures and boost your door seating. Grass carpets are also great for parties and gatherings as they are easy to clean and can withstand high traffic.

Play area

Artificial grass has excellent resilience and wears resistance, so children can play freely on it and avoid bringing dirt and grass clippings into the house. Our artificial grass is available in a variety of colors and you can be creative in designing your children’s playground.

Putting green

You can enjoy manicured putting greens whenever you want to play golf. No driving to the range, no dress code, and no waiting, it will make your life easier and more fun! Our golf putting mat is versatile for home practice, backyard sports, family fun, and relaxing at the office. We offer delicate patterns and shapes in various sizes of artificial grass rugs, which can fully meet your customization requirement.


Picnic grass blankets are free from dust and leaves, making your picnic easier. And it’s easy to fold and throw in the back of your car! CCGrass Picnic Grass looks and feels like real grass, with a carry handle for easy portability as well as a special backing that prevents water seepage and slippage.


Artificial grass carpets are a great choice for poolside. Adds extra protection to floors as it absorbs splashes and prevents slippery surfaces. It feels much better underfoot than concrete, wood, or industrial carpet. In addition, lush grass carpets beautify your pool and give your space an aesthetic, inviting look artificial grass rug.

Outdoor transition to room

In some home and commercial spaces, artificial turf is a great addition to rooms that transition to outdoor spaces, such as porches, conservatories, or garden rooms.

Artificial Grass Rugs for Indoor

Balcony or deck

Many families use balconies as living clutter areas, which is a huge waste of space. Having a comfortable space on the balcony can be a huge advantage, especially during quarantine. Covered with a turf carpet, the balcony becomes more lively and attractive, perfect for relaxing and enjoying family time.

Office or workspace

Artificial grass rugs are a great way to liven up a dull, dirty office environment. Lush artificial grass rugs are a refreshing addition to tile floors or commercial artificial grass rugs. Add a lawn lounge area where employees can relax for a while, and it’s also perfect for impromptu meetings and brainstorming sessions. A natural, fresh work environment helps boost employee morale, giving them motivation and relaxation.

Living space

A plush inexperienced rug can without problems deliver a cozy, herbal sense in your residing room, bedroom, study, kid’s room, or another residing space. You’ll experience the soft, skin-pleasant sense below your feet. Imagine waking up in the morning with the sun shining through the window at the head of your bed, and your bare feet on a soft carpet of grass that will make your day. Artificial grass carpets are also perfect for exercise and fitness areas.

Pet area

Artificial turf is an interesting addition to the pet nest. Every pet loves nature! The soft surface also protects the pet’s paws and there is a small play area for pets inside the house artificial grass rug. Our pet mats are specially designed for pets that are small, light, and easy to carry in many ways. Give your beloved pets a pet mat and enable them to enjoy green anytime at home!

Exhibitions & showrooms

At exhibitions, artificial grass can be integrated into the design of the exhibition hall and used to help showcase different products, helping your platform stand out from the crowd.

Your Dogs and Fake Grass

Artificial grass is a fun perk in a dog kennel. It helps your dogs feel playful, and it feels better on their feet than on concrete.

But it’s not something we recommend using House Home and More Turf products for. They are not intended to be used as a hay substitute. There are no holes specifically for pet urine to drain, so it would not be suitable for your pet to use.

Decking with an outdoor artificial grass rug can keep older dogs gripped when climbing on the deck or patio. That extra grip and traction can help them feel safer and less anxious, especially if they have hip problems.

For those of you with senior dogs at home, you may enjoy this article’s vet-recommended tips to help your senior dog feel safe.

A Turf Rug of Your Own

So you have decided to make a decision. You’re ready to enjoy your nature-inspired paradise with artificial turf carpeting. With this handy guide, you’ll be able to research what sets home and more artificial turf apart from artificial grass. And now all you have to do is place the order and wait for shipping!


Whether outdoors or indoors, you can easily get a touch of nature and add some vibrant green to your space with an artificial grass rug. Even more surprising, artificial grass rugs are available in a variety of styles, colors, heights, and densities. When deciding on an artificial grass rug, you ought to recall comfort, meant use, and your non-public style.

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