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Best Artificial Grass For Your Space

Having trouble choosing from the hundreds of different types of best artificial grass on the market? This guide will show you how to choose the best artificial grass for your lawn. You’ve decided that you’re tired of all the effort and money that goes into keeping a real grass lawn looking good for just a few months of the year and don’t like looking at a muddy mess during the winter. . You want a lawn that is vibrant and well-manicured year-round. Now you are faced with the potentially daunting task of choosing the grass that is best for your lawn.

Well, there’s good news: choosing the best artificial grass for your lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. By asking yourself the right questions, you can decide which artificial grass is best for your needs. Here I will give you my top tips on choosing the best artificial grass for your lawn.

There is an amazing amount of information and terminology to learn when you are buying fake weed. With all the different shapes, grades, and prices, you may be wondering how to choose the best artificial grass for your location. We’ve created this complete buyer’s guide to best artificial grass with our new customers in mind.

By the end of this article, you’ll be equipped with everything you need to confidently choose the best artificial grass for your home, playground, patio, or putting green.

What Are Your Best Artificial Grass Needs?

Artificial grass is far from a commodity.

There are different types of turf designed for specific uses and applications. This guide will cover the different elements of best artificial grass and what you should look for in an best artificial grass product.

What will the artificial lawn be used for?

Just like choosing carpet for your home or office, you need to decide what your artificial lawn will be used for. Do you want the best-looking lawn ever – a show lawn to impress all your friends and neighbors? A safe area where children can play without injury? Or a perfect environment for your pet that is free of any toxins?

  1. Show lawn

You want a lawn that looks beautiful year-round without a lot of people walking on it. Choose grass that is hard-wearing but does not have dense, abrasive fibers. Take a look at our best-seller Grange for the best-colored grass.

  1. Play area for the kids

One thing is almost certain. If you have small children or even older children, they all love a game of soccer or tag. Before long, traditional grass lawns will disappear and the subsoil will shrink and become too hard to be a collapse hazard. For gardens with heavy use by children we generally recommend a short pile of best artificial grass as even the best tall pile of grass will flatten out over time. Our range has an ideal grass outfield.

  1. Play area for dogs

Many dog ​​owners use Perfect Grass because of the brown spots, holes, dug-up lawns, and muddy footprints that their traditional grass lawns get from their pets. We usually recommend a small grass pile such as an outfield or one that stands on its own like a rectory as they are easier to clean. Also, make sure the grass is highly accessible so the dog can urinate. Take a look at our article on the best artificial grass for dogs which gives many useful ideas on best artificial grass for pet owners.

Set your budget

It is important to understand how much a new artificial lawn will cost. Generally, there is a substantial initial investment – ​​obviously depending on the size of your lawn, the grass you choose, and whether you want a company to install the grass as well as supply it. These initial costs will pay off over time with the savings from your actual lawn care. To estimate the cost of your new artificial lawn you will need to measure your garden. Good quality hay ranges from £17 to £40 per square meter. There is an additional charge if you require installation, which will cost on average between £25 and £35 per square meter. The cost of installation will vary depending on the number of bases required, ease of access, and several other variables.

Compare & Contrast Features

Now that you are familiar with the terminology in the best artificial grass world, you are equipped with the knowledge you need to compare the different fake grass products available.

Here are some of the specifications you’ll find on each artificial turf product.

  • Thatch Color
  • Blade Shape
  • Density
  • Blade Height
  • Drainage
  • Antimicrobial Properties

However, not all of these features are equally important, and the weight of each will depend on the location and purpose of the installation area. Read on to find out which features are most relevant to your project.

Budget & Finances

Installing best artificial grass can be a big hit on your budget, but it’s important to weigh the sticker price and how much you can afford. When comparing fake grass vs. real grass, the long-term savings on water and maintenance alone make best artificial grass pay for itself in about three to five years. Other financial benefits of artificial turf include less hassle with mowing/mowing/fertilizing, increased home values, and increased curb appeal. Many turf companies offer financing options to help you invest in best artificial grass.

What Characteristics Should the Best Artificial Grass Have?

Now that we’ve covered everything you need to know, let’s break down the most important features to find the best artificial grass.Keep in mind that there is no “best” product – the ideal turf will vary depending on the installation area and intended purpose.

What is the Best Artificial Grass Available? 

Different artificial grass products are suitable for different applications. To put that in perspective, if you tried to paint the siding on your house with chalkboard paint or top your chicken Parmesan with strawberry jam, you’d get a less-than-desirable result. It’s not that chalkboard paint and strawberry jam are bad products, but they are great when used for the intended situation. Below, we’ll show you what types of turf products work best in specific applications.

The Best Artificial Grass for Dogs & Pets 

Fake grass for dogs has exploded in popularity in recent years as homeowners recognize the importance of creating dog-friendly backyards. Whether you’re considering replacing your entire lawn or building a dog run, the artificial grass for dogs and pets is fully capable of allowing pet urine to pass through. Access must be backed up. We recommend using T°Cool Infill with dogs and pets as its antiseptic properties will prevent odor and bacteria build-up, and the cooling of the vapor will protect your pet’s paws. A small pile height will also enable quick, easy cleanup of solid waste.

The Best Artificial Grass for Around Swimming Pools 

Many homeowners choose to plant around swimming pools. They use for swimming pool surrounds will have a fully accessible backing so that splashing pool water drains out instead of digging up and promoting bugs and dirt. Because of all the extra water, antimicrobial additives and face weight reduction are good ideas for artificial turf near ponds or backyard ponds.

The Best Artificial Grass for Putting Greens 

For indoor greenery, choose a shorter pile height, about ½ to ¾ inch. The best green turf products will have nylon fibers. If you want to get fancy, you can choose two different pile heights to differentiate between the putting green and the fairway.

When you have prepared the site for the putting green, make sure there are no rocks, rough spots, uneven areas, or debris as this will affect your golf game. Also, choose a high-quality infill to allow golf balls to roll consistently on the green.

The Best Artificial Grass for Playgrounds & Play Areas 

Fully permeable backing is best for playground turf.

The last thing you need in a children’s playground is standing water. As for the fake grass itself, the artificial grass for playgrounds and playgrounds should have a good window layer as it provides extra traction and cushioning from falls. You can also get a base layer of foam underlay for extra padding.

You’ll also want a product with a good face weight so it’s durable enough to withstand constant foot traffic. Regardless of which brand you choose, make sure the site is well prepared to ensure there are no rocks or uneven areas under the artificial grass installation. This will extend the life of your playground and prevent injuries from trips and falls.

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