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Artificial grass in Tracy is already beautiful on its own, but combining it with paving takes it to a whole new level. Paving improves the realistic appearance of turf while creating a more functional lawn. If you’re looking to add hardscape to your backyard, add these three popular paving options to your shortlist.

Beautiful artificial grass with equally stunning paving slabs will add a lot to the aesthetics of your garden.

Today we are going to look at some of the best types of paving that will complement and enhance your lush artificial lawn, to take your garden to the next level.

Types of Artificial grass

Designing the lawn of your desires frequently method combining special elements. For example, many homeowners want a lawn for children and pets to play and relax on nice days. In turn, soft landscaping, such as trees, shrubs, and flowers, will brighten up the garden lawn.

On top of that, you’re planning to add outdoor furniture and a patio area for socializing. Other elements you can add are lighting, decking, water features, and decorative fencing to add more dimension to your backyard.

How to install artificial grass

However, most lawn staples are smooth because they create pathways throughout the yard and enhance their appearance at the same time. Paving is important for the comfort, layout, and splendor of your lawn. The best types of artificial grass in Tracy are:

By Slate install artificial grass

If you’re looking for paving that looks great alongside turf, look no further than slate. It has been a popular building material for centuries, especially for walls and ceilings due to its strength and hard-wearing properties.

Those same qualities make it an excellent choice for backyard paving. Its durability and strength make it ideal for outdoor use. You can get it in beautiful colors that complement green tones like purples, blues, blacks, and grays for a sleek and modern look.

Slate usually comes in slabs of different sizes that you can lay out in interesting patterns. You can also use single-size slabs in your artificial grass. If you’re looking for an ideal paver that will look great alongside your artificial grass, look no further than slate.


Granite pavers are an undying traditional and cherished fabric for patios and gardens. Its inherently hard-wearing nature makes it an excellent material for pathways that will last through daily activities and foot traffic.

The subtle shine of granite paving looks stunning compared to the green tones of artificial grass. Remember that artificial grass in Tracy can last 15 years or more. This manner that making an investment in turf and granite paving nowadays pays off long into the future. Like slate, granite pavers are another timeless classic and an ideal option for a garden patio.

We love the subtle sheen of granite paving and it’s sure to enhance the look of your fake lawn and provide the perfect hardiness for patios and BBQ areas.


Thanks to being man-made, you can get smooth concrete slabs in countless patterns, colors, and styles that go perfectly with artificial grass. It’s also an affordable material compared to other types of paving, which means you can mimic the look of natural stone for your backyard at a fraction of the cost.

Concrete is also a good choice if you’re going for a consistent look throughout your yard because each slab can be designed to look the same.

Smooth concrete slabs are available in an almost unlimited array of colors, patterns, and styles.

Smooth concrete slabs are ideal for those who want consistency in appearance because due to their man-made nature, each slab can be finished to look the same.

There is a solid imitation of virtually every type of natural stone you can think of and more often than not, at a fraction of the cost.

This means that concrete paving can be a great budget option.

With such a wide range of types available on the market, there’s sure to be something for everyone when it comes to concrete paving, whether it’s a cottage-style, modern, or traditional look you’re looking for.

We’re big fans of concrete paving and it rightfully deserves its place on our list of 5 types of paving to complement your artificial lawn.


Porcelain pottery has grown in popularity in recent times and for very good reason.

When it comes to paving, it’s about the least maintenance you can get.

It is very easy to clean, and good quality porcelain is extremely strong, to prevent it from chipping.

Most of the porcelain slabs available in the UK are manufactured in Italy and each slab has different ‘faces’ in design.

This is to help reduce the amount of pattern repetition throughout your project, giving a more realistic look to natural and plank borders that mimic materials such as natural stone and wood.

It also looks amazing. You can now use porcelain stoneware to mimic virtually any look of natural stone paving, but its most popular use is in modern, contemporary garden design, where its clean lines And small ensembles really thrive.

Porcelain stoneware is possibly our current favorite form of paving and will perfectly complement your artificial lawn and provide you and your family with a low-maintenance garden.

4 Landscape Paving Styles That Work for Any Yard including Artificial grass

The lush artificial grass-covered lawn is impressive enough in itself. But upload pavers in stunning patterns, and it turns into a head-turning display. Achieve this effect with turf installation and the following paving patterns:

Stunning Stepping Stones for Artificial grass

The simplest and most functional of all designs, stepping stones consist of rectangular or circular pavers with strips of grass in between. They can be placed in a straight or curved path, depending on where you want to direct foot traffic.

This design is suitable for decorating artificial grass to add greenery to public spaces such as bends or church grounds. Using wider stones permits extra humans to stroll on them at an equal time. It also protects the artificial grass from being stepped on.

Circular Chic

Circular patterns serve as supportive accents for garden focal points such as flower beds, seating areas, and fountains. It also serves as a transition feature that separates the turf from the center sections.

For outdoor event venues such as expansive lawns, it can be used as an intersection for walkways leading to different buildings.

Cobblestone is the very best cloth to shape right into a round pattern. Its rough texture and yellow color also pair well with the vibrant green of short artificial grass.

Symmetrical Checkerboard

The pattern consists of alternating square paving stones and evenly laid turf. Light-colored materials such as concrete and flagstone work best because they add contrast to artificial grass in Bend, Oregon.

To smooth the checkerboard, the bigger the tile, the better. Polished stones create the illusion of size and make your yard appear larger than it is.

The design is also often used as a creative walkway. It breaks up the monotony of a large lawn in a fun, unexpected way!

Elegant Lattice

It consists of diamond-cut turf surrounded by crisscrossing lines of stone material, or vice versa. This is a highly customizable pattern, so it all depends on your taste.

If you choose a rock surface over grass, the resulting pattern is perfect as a path. Meanwhile, having more turf makes a design around the pool ideal.

Customize Your Synthetic Lawn with Perfect Paving

Pavers add a unique dimension to the appearance of an artificial grass lawn. No matter what you have in mind for artificial grass installation in Bend, our talented landscapers can help you bring your ideas to life.


Landscaping your patio and lawn will go a long way toward transforming your outdoor space, as they are key features of any garden.

Once you have these aspects in place, it’s easy to add additional features and plants to really bring your garden to life.

There is such a large variety of paving available these days that with so many options available, there is sure to be something for every taste and style imaginable. The only problem is that it can be very difficult to choose!

We hope this article has helped you decide what type of paving to choose for your garden patio or path.

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